How to check my code in the console?

hi guys,

I am working on a Code Challenges: Intermediate JavaScript and done with my code, but somehow I totally forgot how to check it out (how to log it to the console).

so when I console.log(‘Joe’, ‘Pug’, 27); then Joe Pug 27 prints in the console. But then I don’t understand the purpose of creating getters and setters and adding two additional methods to it, if I don’t use it or don’t know how to check them.

what exactly should I write after it to check it working in the console? Should it be always one part of a code logged or all at the same time? and how am I suppose to check the last two methods as well? thanks! :slight_smile:

const dogFactory = (name, breed, weight) => {
    return {
        _name: name,
        _breed: breed,
        _weight: weight,
        get name() {
            return this._name;
        set name(newName) {
            this._name = newName;
        get breed() {
            return this._breed;
        set breed(newBreed) {
            this._breed = newBreed;
        get weight() {
            return this._weight;
        set weight(newWeight) {
            this._weight = newWeight;
        bark() {
            return 'ruff! ruff!'
        eatTooManyTreats() {

the link to the task