How To Change Your Codecademy Forums Username

How do you change your Codecademy Forums username? I changed my Codecademy one but can’t change my Codecademy Forums one.

try logging out
log back in with current user name or email


In fact, I almost never log out, I just leave my account open.

This is the correct answer.

If you have changed your username on the main Codecademy site, it will not sync up until the next time that you log out and back in to the forums.

I have changed my username on the main Codecademy site.

Your procedure doesn’t work, it still remains the same.

Hmm… ‘it’ meaning on the forums?

I found this article that may/may not help with what you’re looking for…

…but speaking from experience, when I followed the steps in the article, my username changed on both Codecademy’s main site and the forums. Did you log out of both the main site and the forums, then log back in?

Mistake: I logged out on the main site but not on the forums.

Ah, gotcha :)) does it work now?

Edit: just saw the username change, yay! :facepunch:

It works but the capitals don’t.

Huh interesting, but I think that’s automatic… did capitals appear on the main site?

The capitals do. The forums change them into lowercase corresponding characters.

Well, good to know right :+1:

I used Snip & Sketch to take a picture of some of my code and put it as my main site profile picture. I am going to/doing/done(depending on when you read this post) the code as my forums profile picture.

(reading this now haha)

And that was fast! Best of luck with your Python endeavors :))

I also got the Autobiographer badge which is this badge(link): Autobiographer badge.

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Awesome! I’m sure Python will help you unlock many more ^U^

What is ^U^? Now I know how to change my username in Codecademy Forums.