How to change username in Codecademy Forum?

Yes, so how can i change my username here? I just recently updated my username in Codecademy but in Codecademy Forum, it’s still in my old username… and I could not possibly change it here because there’s no edit button lol. TIA.

Try logging out and in into discuss (this forum). Discuss uses the username from your Codecademy Profile (which you have already changed), but needs a logout/login to take the new value.


Hey Jangkay!
Click on your profile picture in the top right corner:


Then a dropdown menu appears, click on the settings button to the right:


Click on preferences:


A new page will load where you can see your current profile info and where you can change your current username. Remember to click “save” once you’ve changed your data.


sweet lord… how dumb of me.

Just did what you said, thank you very much!

I also have checked the preferences before I got here. However, I can only edit my profile picture and name, not username. I tried relogging in as advised from another user and now my username is updated. Nevertheless, thank you for your help!

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Haha yes you’re right, I confused name with username :slight_smile:

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In preferences I am not able to change profile. It has no edit link