How to change Studing Field in Codecademy

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to find an answer but no luck. So i post this topic here!
Is it possible to change my study field in Codecademy?

For example, i have open web design lessons and i have finish some of these but i would like to open another field (start programming languages or something else), not close the old one, just keep all lessons open, for both of them.

Is it possible and how?

Thank you very much

you can simply open a new tab in your browser, go to Codecademy and select a different language/track

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Hello and thank you for your reply, but i think you didn’t understand my question. I don’t want to open 2 different lessons on the same time, but i want to have more courses available.

Are more courses in Codecademy except from these 23 i can see now?

Thank you very much

there are old tracks, which you can still access but are no longer maintained, so some lessons might be bugged