How to change something in a list

Basically, I have an assignment where I have to create a program that reads multiple lines of text from a user, prints out each different word and how many times each of these words was said. I then have to print each in Alphabetical order.

My code thus far is basically stuck on what to do if the word is already in the list I created to store the unique words. How do I change an entry?

Also, how would I go about printing each key on a new line? For example, 6 unique words, these are By, Caught, Fish, Me, The, Was, and I want to print each out on a separate line without knowing how many unique words there would be at the start as it takes user input which will be from my teacher after reading the code.

This is all stuff you should have some understanding of so I don’t see how it could be a question we can answer. Given some of your code, we might be able to add insight, though.


This is my current code. Bits and pieces have parts missing where I don’t understand currently.

Text_Original = str(raw_input("Insert sentence here: "))

def how_many():
word_count =
for word in Text_Original:
if word in word_count:
return word_count
print word_count