How to change Profile Picture?


How to change Profile Picture?


on the codecademy site (not the forum), there should be settings which allows you to change this


is here?


a ha,found it!


i’m curious, how did you change it?


on the main site ( under settings, but the link to the forum is broken at the moment, changing picture on main site should also update forum picture, but this is currently not happening,

will let you know when this is fixed


Hi guys,

“changing picture on main site should also update forum picture” is still not the case. What’s wrong there?

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i think my answered covered it? If it doesn’t work, the problem hasn’t been fixed


yea sure, it was just a reminder, since your post is 5 weeks old. im a possible new monthly pro subscriber and a lil autist, who wants to have an avatar in the forum, forgive me please.

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wow, this issue is still not fixed. is it really that difficult?


Well, the engineers are very busy with all the new courses, and the forum is an open source project (discourse), and combining the two layers (codecademy and discourse) is really difficult to understand, so if an engineer (or several) need time to fix it (and delve into the code and tear it apart, which cost a lot of time), new course will be delayed

given the pictures is not a critical feature, it has low priority.