How to calculate the statistics used in the button example

  1. At the end of the test, 90% of people that saw the green button clicked it, whereas 60% of the people that saw the blue button clicked it.

  2. Now we need to ask, “If color wasn’t related to click rate, how likely was a 30% difference just by chance?” We can use statistics to calculate that probability. If there is less than a 5% probability that our results happened by chance, we have good evidence that green buttons get more clicks!

  3. Statistically speaking, there is less than a 5% chance of that happening.

  4. How did they calculate the probability of that happening? Thanks!

Click on the image to see it better

Bump. I’d love to see how this is done. I’m brushing up on my math skills in other areas ( not at probability yet), and am going to figure how to do these types of calculations.

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