How to Bookmark a Topic


Is there a way to Bookmark particular topic while learning at CodeCademy? For example, I’m on a topic of Command Line that is not completely clear to me but I need to progress to the next module to manage time. So having this topic bookmarked, I would be able to jump review at a later time and hopefully understand completely when my memory is energetically strong is like reading an actual book in college where you put notes and fold sections at a later review time.

I think this is helpful to be able to review your progress and preserve those topic that needing more time to understand them.

You can use the bookmark tool of your browser. Give it a folder, like CC and another for the course name, an be sure the description text is what you want. As long as you are logged into the main site, your bookmarks will work. If not logged in, they still work, but you will asked to log in first.

Thanks for showing me how to Bookmark the page and it shows that I can Command + D. What about clip the topic for later review? 2019, 2020, 2021, 2050, instead of scrolling over and over while on the bus or train station bandwidth savings right?