How to better understand this topic


Is there a place I can practice 9/15 to better understand this?
I am not stuck and got through it, but it gave me a little trouble. The rest of the Conditionals & Control Flow was a breeze.

I posted the wrong link previously. It is for the “This and That (or This, But Not That!)” lesson.


We are given five expressions to evaluate on sight, just by looking at them and mulling them over in our mind.

Set bool_one equal to the result of

False or not True and True

Set bool_two equal to the result of

 False and not True or True

Set bool_three equal to the result of

True and not (False or False)

Set bool_four equal to the result of

 not not True or False and not True

Set bool_five equal to the result of

False or not (True and True)

In the editor pane, type the boolean that applies to each.

bool_one = 

bool_two = 

bool_three = 

bool_four = 

bool_five = 

Let’s look at the first one and evaluate it only in terms of precedence…

False or not True and True
  1. Any not's?
  2. Any and's?
  3. Any or's?

So evlauate not True, first. => False. Now recompose,

False or False and True

Next evaluate the and, => False and True => False. Now recompose.

False or False  =>  False

Try this on paper if needs be, but do not use the computer to solve them. Get in the practice and let your brain learn.


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