How to best search for topics

I find these forums almost impossible to sort through. Why is there no way to find just posts on one exercise all together? If I search “exercise 2 make a border,” I get a lot of detailed posts on much harder exercises. If there’s anything on exercise 2, I can’t locate it.

First, navigate to the right category. You can get there directly from the exercise or you can browse the whole list of available categories Codecademy Forums

If you were working in the exercise HTML & CSS > 7. CSS: An Overview, then you would go to this category:

Then you can use the search box and limit your results to just that category. Pick words that you know are in that exercise. For example:

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Hi Judy,

Well, the problem is that in this new course (Make a website) nothing does link me directly from the exercise to the forum. I have to click through “get help” to “help with this exercise” to reading a patronizing, “hey, maybe you’d like to look at the forums” message, to finally get a button that will take me to forums. And even then it doesn’t take me to stuff specifically on my exercise.

Once I’m there, categories gives me a drop down menu with a whole bunch of items entitled “Make a website…” with the rest cut off, so they are all effectively the same. Hovering gives me a snippet of text that doesn’t clarify the subject of each very much.

The other problem I guess is that there are two different courses that deal with HTML/CSS and making borders, so searching language took me to the wrong ones – in fact, the very same wrong ones that you pointed out below, on a totally different exercise in a totally different course.

I did finally notice the check box that limited responses to my course, which was super helpful. (Shouldn’t it default to checked? How many people DON’T want help with what they are actually doing?)

I still don’t know why there can’t be a clearer menu situation to make finding specific exercises within a course easier than this. Why not just have a dropdown for course and a dropdown for exercise? Why change the language to “categories,” which opens it up to all kinds of responses? Better yet, why not, as you suggest, have a button on the exercise that actually DOES link you to the right section of the forum for your specific exercise?

I did finally use that checkbox to get to help me get to the right spot – and the only responses seemed to all say that they had the same issue I did and the lesson was broken. They were all from 6 months ago. I’ve given up on the course at this point and am trying another, unless someone responds to that issue. If it’s my mistake, I don’t know how to fix it, and it looks like it might very well be out of my control.

But thanks for responding!