How to begin my Portofolio?

Hello there! I am totally beginner here and i am searcing how can i practice what i am learning in my path and how can i transfer it to my portofolio?thanks a lot

Welcome to the forums. Can you be a little more specific? What are you studying? What skills do you want to put to practice?


Hello @filippostheofanakis4 ,

Adding on to @lisalisaj questions, you can also view these additional resources from the forums:

Have fun!


i mean i want to practice my skills with small projects, my career path is full stack web development, i am on 4% on my course really fresh in coding, but i want to try to do some small projects - coding with others to improve and test my skills.

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You could join the CC discord server by clicking on the “chat” link in the above menu to connect with other learners in more real-time.