How to be master python in few weeks?


This question is specifically regarding learning python.
I am working on code academy curriculum and already completed almost 50 % concept .But when i start applying them lets say when started to make game what i found that its difficult to apply concepts and use them .So I skip my project and again revised what i have learnt , now I need to know how to progress and start learning very fast . I also plan to learn Java script simultaneously do any one think its will be fruitful to learn and practise both of them ?


codecademy focus on teaching people to code (Coding), the focus is far less on program design and implementing (programming). You will need to find a different source for programming, coding and programming are two different things.

And programming requires practice, a lot of it

Coding can be learned in a few weeks


Can you please suggest me some online resources or books which consist of python problems .
I google it and also get some material but not completely satisfied .


learn python the hard way (book)

do challenges -> codewars
build projects, start in the command line: calender, games, calculator

other sources to learn python: sololearn, or simple google it


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