How to answer questions and help here


I do not get so much involved with Codecademy discuss, because I never get the chance to either be notified from open questions in Codecademy discuss areas Ruby, Ruby on Rails, etc…etc… so I never come back to the forum as I never see open issue to solve

Often I am on StackOverflow, as there are many issues there, but I wonder, maybe I should set some notifications, that way, when something is posted in those fields, I have the chance of helping out…

could you link me to the guide on how to do that?

My problem is that I can not find open questions, looks like you have a lot of moderators to help… so maybe it makes sense just doing StackOverflow, but let me know


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Suggest navigate to the Rails category main index and on the top right, subscribe to the forum. That way you will be notified of all new questions in that category.


@mtf ok I do that now thanks


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