How to answer a question

If you think you can answer a question, don’t hesitate to do so! Answering questions is an excellent way to both elevate the understanding of the Codecademy community and confirm your own understanding of a concept. We encourage you to do so as you much as you can! When answering questions, please follow these guidelines:

  1. You can find the most recent posts/threads by looking at the ‘Latest’ posts from our Forums homepage. You aren’t limited to this section, it’s just a good place to start!
  2. Find a question that you think you can answer well.
  3. Read the question thoroughly before writing a response.
  4. Reply directly to the question by clicking 01%20PM and provide a carefully considered response.
  5. Proofread your response so that it’s coherent AND respectful.
  6. Post your reply and await a response!

For how to best ask a question, see here.