How to add a navbar

Hello I would like to make a website with a navbar but I have no idea how to make one where if you click on a link the navbar is still there. Here are some images to help you under stand what I am asking.

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Hello Denver,

A navbar is created by making one and adding it on every page you want on your website. Usually these are added in the form of a module, if you don’t use a framework you want to add the code of the navbar on every page.

If you don’t care that much about a design for a navbar you could google for “navbar code snippet”. This might also help as an example of how a navbar is formed from scratch.

Good luck on your website.


Do you also want a navigation bar where if you scroll down it will stay there?
In that case you have to set it’s position to fixed in css.
Also making a navbar can be done with <nav> but i wouldn’t recommend it use other things because <nav> isn’t supported in a few browsers(i mean in older versions) you can always look it up on websites like MDS:

(This is the <nav> tag browser compatibility table)
I’ll hope this helps :grinning:

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Thank biirra for the help.

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Thank you lolfail for your help.

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