How to actually START learning how to code

Hi I’m Emmanuel,
I have been recently learning python and basic fundamentals on how to code on and off for the past year.
At first I thought I was getting the hang of it but after a while and seeing people on youtube make games or explain how clouds work, it overwhelmed me to an extent to how I could ever get to that point. I tried solving problems on Leetcode or HackerRant but I always end up looking for the answer and not fully understanding how its solved. I’m really interested in this space of work and learning but I feel like I have been approaching it all wrong. Does anyone have any advice or practices that can show me a new side of learning how to code?

  • Start with the basic basics. Even if you think “that’s too easy, I can’t be bothered with that project”, just do it. If it’s too easy, you’ve not lost anything, but if you find that it’s more difficult than expected, you will learn how to overcome it.
  • Look into a specific area that you’re interested in. If you like games, try making a text-based game, rather than one with a complex graphical interface. The core concept is the same, but it’s more basic.
  • Don’t give up.
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