How to access billing or a refund

I paid for code academy expecting to only pay for one month yet £90 has been taken from my bank account, when I tried to access any link in regards to billing all it takes me to is the website where it shows my Email and Password and it doesn’t show me whatsoever what I paid for or any section for billing. I have removed any adblock extensions and yet this is still continueing. At this point I just want to contact someone so they either refund me or I understand what it is I actually paid for.

We can’t answer billing questions on the forums. Please contact CS and open a support ticket.
Turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours.

OKay how do I contact CS? is there a link please?

Main page, “Codecademy Help”

I’m sorry but I legit cannot find the “Code academy Help” section on the main page. Is there a link or a picture at all?

If you forget the link, you can find the link in the footer of Codecademy’s main page.

It is listed in `Support > Help Center"