How the Tables Have Turned


Don't just use True and False


but it say "Oops, try again. Don't just use True or False! That's cheating!"

I can't understand

Finish it

# Create comparative statements as appropriate on the lines below!

# Make me true!

bool_one = 3 <= 5  # We already did this one for you!
bool_one =True
# Make me false!

bool_two = 1>=3
bool_two =False
# Make me true!

bool_three = 1+1==2
bool_three =True

# Make me false!

bool_four = 3==100
bool_four = False

# Make me true!
bool_five = 10<=20+20
bool_five = True


When you start this lesson, they gave you one example which is

bool_one = 3 <= 5  # We already did this one for you!

They did not include bool_one =True. Not sure where that came from.
Therefore, you just need to follow their example and just write expressions that evaluate to True or False. Not actually putting True/False. That's what the error message means.


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