How start with my code editor

Hello everyone!

I’ve finished the Java course and now I’d like to start to practice it. I have two code editors installed: Netbeans 12, and Eclipse. Could anyone, please, advise or link me some pages or videos where I’d find some tips on how to set up properly my code editor and start coding? I’d be grateful.

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I don’t really know much about Eclipse or Netbeans 12, but a good, easy-to-use alternative is Visual Studio Code, so if you are interested in using that (which I think is really good for things like this):

A tutorial on how to set up Java in VSCode:

A download link for VSCode:
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Thank you very much, h1lo!

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Here’s a resource on how to properly install and configure Eclipse, at its most basic.

Same for NetBeans here.

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Thank you victoria_dr, I appreciate it!

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