How should I learn python using codeacademy


I am university student and I have to pass an exam the 25th of January about Python.

We started python 3 months ago and nobody even could program something.

Well my question is easy,

What is the best manner for me to learn python and get good results using codeacademy.

( I just wanna learn python for good grades )

I don’t think it’s very advanced but im already at more then 25% of codeacademy and still cant do the exam of 2014.

( I passed many things from codeacademy that we never saw in the class so im more like at 3/4 of the code academy program )

Can you guys help me?

Thanks! And sorry for my bad English :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t matter, do whatever, spend time with it. You can get through the track pretty quickly too by skipping the background texts, just reading the actual instructions, the point is to just type out code, get used to using the language. Google your way through old exams and course exercises, those are going to be better targeted at what you really need to know.

First off I’d check to see if you’re university is using python 3 or python 2 for the exams.
Codeacademy teaches python 2.
There’s not much difference but depending on the amount of time you have you might want to look for python 3 resources.