How should I correct .append?

Hi I wonder if anyone can help:

How should I correct the line with ‘.append’?
Many thanks!

.append() is a list method.

gradebook is a tuple.

So the first question should be: what do you need to fix and why?


@stetim94 Thank you very much for your reply.

In line 11 (in the screenshot), I was trying to complete the task ( Use the .append() method to add a list with the values of "computer science" and an associated grade value of 100 to our two-dimensional list of gradebook ). When I tried to run it, I was given the error message :AttributeError: ‘tuple’ object has no attrbute ‘append’.

How should I address the error? Many thanks

Take a look at the difference between last_semester_gradebook and gradebook in your code. There’s some defaulting behavior I didn’t even know about that is resulting in gradebook not being a list.


If you’re looking for the reason it’s that separating items with , is the standard syntax for creating a tuple. Many folks are familiar with wrapping them in parentheses which is fine. In some cases the parentheses are essential to separate the tuple creation as , is used differently in certain contexts e.g. function calls/definitions, with literals like lists, sets etc. [a, b] {a, b}.

It’s the reason why things like return a, b, c are fine since you return a single object, a tuple.

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hi @bavarcarus that’s spot on! Yes indeed i should add a square bracket ’ ’ to contain all the list elements. I did so and it was solved. Thank you very much!

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Thanks @tgrtim . It’s great that now I know what is a tuple (through your link). Very helpful!