How reset my page? - Putting it together


Apparently something went wrong, and I need to reset the page. But no matter how I tried, the error message was the same - "Something went wrong :frowning: Click Close to try again or refresh the page."

I closed it, refresh, reset code, the message still appear right at the beginning when it loads. I haven't even get a chance to finish my code for the last lines as follow -

// On the line below, create your own associative array:
$myArray= Array('food'=>'apple',

  // On the line below, output one of the values to the page:
 echo $myArray[2];
  // On the line below, loop through the array and output
  // *all* of the values to the page:
 for ($i=0;i<$length;$i++)


what is your intention with this for loop


I actually haven't finish it yet the error message kept interrupting me. Not a chance to finish while keeping asked to close or refresh the page, which not possible to reload and let me go on.