How much time to allocate for the HTML Basics course?

Planning some training (from absolute scratch to front end developer) and would like to find out how much time to allocate to the HTML Basic course, anyone got any ballparks? Thank you


How much time is your choice, it depends how much you can manage.

As you should be able to understand what you’re doing, practice it and move on,
don’t try and force too much at once you rather practice more and learn as you feel confident of what you’ve learnt.

So take it as it goes and see how much you are comfortable with and how much you can manage.

As much time as feels comfortable,

Take frequent breaks in between learning to let what you’ve learnt sink in, and always remember to test yourself and practice on your own to get stronger at what your doing.

Good Luck

Html is a very easy language that you can easily teach it in one week

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