How much study per day?

I’m wondering how many lessons should I be doing a day? Should I be doing it by the lesson per day, or hours per day? what suggestions do any of you recommend?

I’m studying all things javascript BTW…

Thanx in advance!


Hello @geekmonster.iot, welcome to the forums! It really depends on what you’ve done before, how well you take in info, etc. I would say about an hour a day would be quite good, but it is more the quality of the learning. You should also aim to incorporate projects into your learning.
Happy coding!


A solid hour per topic can be good, if you have a lot of time you can do 2 hours in separate frames (or more) while cycling with another topic.

As @codeneutrino mentioned though, quality is key though. You want to retain, not overload. So things like organization, note-taking, calendar-planning, all factor in. I would additionally add that you might want to diversify in resources if you’re serious in a topic (you won’t get as much theoretical knowledge in the Codecademy as you’ll get hands-on knowledge… which is just as important). Reference books or really on point videos can help supplement this.

There’s also something to be said for difficulty of material, some lighter material might be easier to retain even while studying hours a day, whereas some conceptual things have to “sit” for a few days while you chip at them (no matter how much extra time you put in).