How Much Should it Cost to Hire an App Developer?


G’day everyone!
Been working on a new software project and recently faced a problem due to crew expanding. Is software developers nowadays worth that much or it just people’s greed? I can understand high demands from experienced professional, bur even college freshman requires "high end manager " salary. And is there any special site/forum special for software developers employing? If so, don’t you mind to share.


There is a shortage of good developers, as such the pay for them is high. Which also seems to drive up the price of fresh graduates. Demand and supply, basic economics.

Developing is tricky these days, you need to have an always learning mentality in this every changing digital word.

there is devskill, where you can test the skill of a developer

things like upWork you can hire a developer for a single project as freelancer.

But this is no my area of expertise, and i am not sure codecademy is the right platform to ask.


Yeah, i do agree, here you could find a decent man to handle the job. But first, you may share the details to make it clear what you are up to and what you are looking for, thats will help for sure. Second, get yourself ready to patient and stress resistant, thats what you need when you working with people.
But still good luck to you !


All i can say - before you hire someone, you should make up your mind and decide - does he has the reqiuered skill and will it be the person who really capable of doing the job?
And as always, RTFM


Speacking about the manuals - you should check this before hiring someone new, could help a little


Strongly recommend you to get some consultation here: Lvivity. The guys know how to do their job and know the market.