How much should I aim to cover per day?


I’m 10 days into the 30 day challenge. I’m new to coding and I’m following the web development path.
I’m wondering, what is a good amount of material to aim to cover per day?
I’m aiming to cover about 1 topic per day which usually included a few lessons, a quiz and a project.
Is this a good pace to go at?

Thanks for any advice!

The magic of self-paced online courses is that, well, they are self-paced? You decide what’s a good amount of material per day! Sometimes I pick up a good book and I can’t put it down until I’ve read all of it. It could be the same with coding!

If you are worried that you are covering ground too quickly and your foundation will be shaky, I recommend you dedicate some days to work on personal projects instead. That way you know you have “absorbed it”. That’s how I like to do it. You might think “yeah but I haven’t covered enough material to do a project”. Probably not the case! Even with basic HTML and CSS you can try some really cool things.


If you’re assimilating the material, then sure.

If you’re doing a topic a day, but you’re finding that you don’t remember a thing from 1-2 days ago, then you didn’t learn anything because it didn’t stick. You may have passed the exercises, sure, but if you can’t recall the content then you’ve not learned it.

Go at a pace that’s acceptable to you, where you can recall most (not necessarily all - we all forget things or make errors!) of what you learned the previous few days. If you’re recalling everything, feel free to speed up.

Rushing through the material is an error that too many people make, and then they end up here asking questions that would be obvious had they spent more time on the content instead of rushing. :slight_smile:


Some days I do 8 hours somedays I’ve done five minutes. Right now I’m at 56 days and I’ve started to engage other resources but I use Codecademy as tracking my coding goals.