How many squares for 6 people who want 6 quilts of 6x6 squares?

There is nothing to agree to disagree on this cos it’s not an argument and neither is it a True nor False situation. If you are okay with and understand his explanation, good on you mate. However, I didn’t and expressed it, which I believe the forum is for. I am by no means insinuating that’s how everybody sees it, but if that how I see it, then rest assured there might be others who also see it that way. So a little clarification wouldn’t hurt since this is a platform for learning and sharing of ideas. Enjoy your coding as well.

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this was the best and easy explanation thanks!

I got my answer by … print((6**2) * 36)

Another solution is:

print(6 ** 4)

You are awesome thanks I understand Now

Ah I see. The big part i missed was the “6 quilts PER person”.
my original solution was print((6 ** 2)*6) ; which only creates enough quilt tiles for 1 quilt per person.
the actual answer being print((6 ** 3)*6).

6 ** 3 * 6

is the same as,

6 ** 4

when we simplify it. Every math teacher probably says this every day to their class, “simplify, simplify, simplify, then solve.”

For anyone taking on the Python 3 course and coming across this later on, think about the calculation in the following way;

People = 6
Quilts = 6(each)
Quilt length = 6
Quilt width = 6
= 6 * 6 * 6 * 6
= 6 ** 4
= 1296