How many sections are in this Ruby chapter? Good Grief

Im finding this Ruby chapter extremely difficult, and right when i finish a section; another one pops up! Is there anyone else is having a difficult time completing, and somewhat understanding these Ruby concepts?

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If it’s going further than you care to know then I suggest just stopping

You “should” pick up at least: variables, data types, loops, functions, hashes, arrays, if/else

Those things are sufficient to solve most problems (aside from communicating with the outside in various ways)

With that you can then practice with problems like:

With problems like these you should start by considering what actions are required to solve the problem, and only once you’re convinced that you’ve got a solution should you start implementing that in ruby. You may want to write the steps down in English first, perhaps as comments.

Keep in mind that you should be googling a lot - not for solutions but for how to do specific actions, for example if you want to know how to sort an array, you’d google “ruby sort array”

You can also repeat lessons or go through the equivalent content in other tutorials

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