How many hours of work on average is needed to finish the Data Science course?

Somewhere on the course it said 35 weeks. But I wanted to understand how many hours each day should I invest to complete it in 35 weeks? If there is someone on this forum who has done this and can give me this information, it would be great so I can budget time accordingly :slight_smile:

Also, useful to note that I have zero programming knowledge, used to be good with math.

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Hi there, welcome to the forums.

Yes, the estimate for the Data Science career path is 35 weeks. What is never provided is how that number is arrived at, though. As a result, whenever anyone has asked a similar question here I have given them the same answer - an hour a day is a reasonable estimate for the time you ought to be putting in.

However, the thing that you ought to remember is that this is just an estimate. You may assimilate the concepts being taught more quickly, or more slowly, than the “average” and that will impact the rate at which you progress through the material. This is of no consequence, though; as Codecademy is not your school / college, there are no final exams, no deadlines, and the only person holding you to account to do the work (and not cheat) is yourself.

If you want to do that path, I would encourage you to do so but I would also encourage you to relieve yourself of any arbitrary time constraints or notions that there is a “correct pace” at which you should proceed through the topics.

The pace at which you complete the material here is of no importance to anyone. What you ought to be judging yourself on is how well you have absorbed the material, not how quickly you got to the “finish”.

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Thank you for the response. I also suspected this would be the answer. This is the first time I am doing a coding course, so the beginning has been slow so far. May be I will edit the post after a couple of months and see how long I needed. Thank you! :smiley:

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