How many DNS root servers are there in the world?

On the web hosting module within the Full Stack Career path, the video titled “What is a Domain Name?” asserts that there are 13 root servers throughout the world ( However, I found this odd as I recalled reading from Cloudflare that were several more:

A common misconception is that there are only 13 root servers in the world. In reality there are many more, but still only 13 IP addresses used to query the different root server networks. Limitations in the original architecture of DNS require there to be a maximum of 13 server addresses in the root zone. In the early days of the Internet, there was only one server for each of the 13 IP addresses, most of which were located in the United States.

Today each of the 13 IP addresses has several servers, which use Anycast routing to distribute requests based on load and proximity. Right now there are over 600 different DNS root servers distributed across every populated continent on earth.

Shouldn’t the lesson be amended with a note correcting this?

Link to the lesson in question: