How Long to Complete Data Analyst Pro Career path

I’m looking to set some challenging but realistic goals for the completion of the Data Analyst career path. Where can I find how many hours the curriculum writers planned for the content?

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While I couldn’t find an estimate in terms of hours, the course page suggests that the path will take about 28 weeks. That said however it is just an estimate (and a very rough one at that) and the actual time to complete a course will vary pretty heavily from person to person based off factors like how much time you put in weekly/daily, whether you have any past experiance etc. :smile:


In addition to what Lyall said above…
Before they had a DA Pro Path, there were several courses related to data analysis. I took several of them. This current DA path has 17 sections in it–including projects. The time it takes for one to complete the entire path would vary, depending on the person and how they learn, how quickly they understand the concepts presented to them, etc. Learning to think programmatically or computationally can take time, especially if one doesn’t have a programming background. This isn’t something that one would rush through. (IMO)

Also, this path only touches on the basics of Python. I would encourage one to learn more about Python (and SQL) b/c those are two tools that data analysts (and DS) use from day to day.

All that said, there are some neat projects on that path and the lessons/content are engaging.


Thanks for this one. You don’t see that 28-week estimate after you start the course (At least I don’t.) Here’s the answer I’m going to go with. The standard I’m finding over and over for study time minimum per week is 15 hours. I’m going to plan for the entire course to take me at least 15 hours * 28 weeks. So, that will be 420 hours at a minimum.

Of course, one really can’t cram too much into a day because the brain needs time to process information.


My issue in all of this is not going too fast, but going way too slow. I need to do more hours in a week to stay immersed in the material so that it doesn’t leave my brain. I need to give myself a deadline in order to prioritize learning over the other demands on my time, but thanks for the thoughtful response.