How long stuck on a question before you check the solution answer?

I’m doing the Data Science path and every now and then there is a question that I struggle to solve.
I really try to solve them myself as I think I learn more from it, but sometimes I’m stuck on one question for 30 minutes.
With that speed, it will take me ages to get through the lessons. (at 15% now).

It’s probably not that time effective to be stuck on a single question in a lesson for that long. I guess it can’t hurt to check the answer if you study it and make sure you understand it.

Can anyone give me an indication of when you choose to check the answer?

There are hints, and even the answer may provide some that you can go back and implement in your own code. No sin in that, if you are getting ideas to sink in. If not, then resign yourself, momentarily to a quick review of the basics. The DS path relies quite heavily on libraries to do a lot of the heavy lifting. We can write the equivalent (well, nearly) with code from the Standard Library which won’t hurt to learn and practice before implementing libraries. If you have somehow skipped over the Learn Python 3 and Learn Intermediate Python 3, then now would be a good time to pause this course, and spend the holidays doing those. You’ll be much better equipped and feel more confident in your ability to learn the new stuff in this course.

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It’s funny that you ask this question. I spent the entire day, plus all of last night, trying to figure out a very simple problem on my Python project. I found the answer literally right now.

If I had just watched the “get unstuck” video I could have moved on last night and saved myself a lot of frustration but then I wouldn’t have the feeling of accomplishment that I have now. Also, I think this experience helped me learn the concepts much better.


Thanks for your answer.

I indeed didn’t complete the Learn Python 3 course yet, although I see there is quite some overlap so I don’t have to start from scratch.
I will start by going over to that course before moving on with DS. Thanks for the suggestion.

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haha yep the trade off between accomplishment and time… Thanks for your input :slight_smile: