HOW LONG IS JS COURSE? estimated time? pls?


hi, perhaps it is not related to the problem ...

Anyone of you knows how many working hours (MORE OR LESS) JS course takes? for average user/ ?

This is for better planning and more efficient use of my time

Many thanks


I can't give you numbers, but I finished the course in around a week.


Thank you. I know that different factors need to be taken into account , learning speed , previous experience, available time , determination. Thanks for the post. That is helpful.:slightly_smiling:


We cant tell you how long you will finish the Javascript course... Because everyone learns at diffrent speeds... Everyone also learns in a diffrent way..


Answers would be much more helpful if they said things along the lines of:

"I completed it in a week, but i was working on it 10 hours a day, and i already had a rudimentary understanding of JS"


"in total it took me about 10 hours start to finish and i have no experience with coding in any language to begin with"

I understand that you can't gauge someone else's learning speed, but the OP only wanted a ball park figure, which you'd be able to provide if you'd completed it. You just need to add your own context - simply say if you can already code in Python, or if you have a genius level IQ, or whatever, then OP could figure out a ball park.

If i remember, I'll come back and answer this thread when I've done it.