How long does a post stay visible?


I noticed that Codecademy says something about how long a post will stay visible. Is there a specific time limit? What is meant by 7 days after the last post or comment?


Hey @goalbike,

Topics stay visible the entire time unless we (the moderators) manually unlist them so they're hidden. What you're asking about, I think, is the closing of topics, which just makes it so no one else can reply, and that's based on the time from the last post.


What is a last post?


The most recent post in a topic. As I type this, it's your post asking “What is a last post?”.


The closing of a topic is based on the time from the last post. What is the time, like if someone doesn't comment again for a specific amount of time is the topic is closed or if no comments the it is just considered closed, or what?


If there are no further replies for 7 days after the last one, then the thread will automatically close, and no users will be able to reply to it anymore.


I never actually saw that happen. I've seen multiple discussions where someone added a post months after the preceding post. Do some categories do that?


I think it's funny that he replied to this topic 6 days after it was supposed to be automatically closed xD


Only certain categories lock topics automatically. I believe Community and its subcategories are among those with it disabled.

@shrike2 Here's an example of an automatically closed topic:


I know some do, but which ones, and under what circumstances, don't close?
Also, does anyone know how @system works?(Or should I say @skynet ?)


This topic is actually a good example of when they don't usually close automatically.

Since we are currently in the "Community" Category this post will stay open, however a post in let's say "JavaScript" the post would close after 7 days because logically after 7 days it would be considered resolved. I can't list specifically which categories will close after 7 days but following that logic it should be pretty easy to determine.



This is super secret :wink:


Why do they close the topic?


To prevent further, potentially useless replies, since it is assumed that the original poster’s problem has been resolved.

I’m going to manually close this topic, since it’s very old and has already had its question answered (by me).