How long did it take you to do the credit card checker project - JavaScript - Full Stack Course

For anyone out there doing the Full stack course… how long did it take you to complete the credit card checker project ? In all its taken me about 2.5 hours ! I have a fair bit of experience with Python but am really struggling to grasp some of the fundamentals in JavaScript… certain things from each language overlap nicely, whilst other things are completely different.

I have next to none previous experience with JS and have not done a JS course on here. I feel like it went from being extremely easy to thrown in at the deep end. Anyone else feeling the same or just me ? :rofl:

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The “Credit Card Checker” project is a Challenge Project, so compared to the regular projects which are part of the course/path it’s meant to be considerably more difficult - which is why it’s a stand-alone item, and not part of a module like “Meal Maker” is for example.

(I also found that particular project challenging, so it isn’t just you. :smiley: )

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