How is this supposed to look with one parameter orderCount

Under the getSubTotal() function, create a function expression using the variable const named getTax. It should take one parameter, orderCount. (orderCount is a global variable. How do we make it take it as a parameter).

Is this right…

const getTax = (orderCount) => {console.log (orderCount)};

As I recall, the getTax function does not take any parameter. orderCount is a global variable, visible inside the function.

Sorry to chime in while I pass through this topic, as I have the link on speed dial.

@mtf, there seemed to be two versions of similar exercises in the older JavaScript track versus newer JavaScript track (ES6) with different instructions as I’ve discussed here:

I think what @jkm345 meant, that the instruction of the lesson is coming from this newer JS track (Please confirm that @jkm345 :

Side note to @jkm345:
It’s always better/advisable to post your link to exercise, your full code, your error and learn proper markdown for your post (refer more here), that will help others to be able to help you more. :slight_smile:

That said, I will leave in peace. Cheers

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