How is this not working?


confirm("Ready for action?");
var age = prompt("What's your age");

if( age < 13 )
console.log("You can play but I take no responsibility");
console.log("Play on!");


try taking out the "var" in var age=prompt("What's your age") because I don't do it and It works for me


and by I don't do it I mean I don't type in var


I'm still getting an "unspecified error"... :frowning:


ok well try taking out the semicolon which is ;


nevermind about the semicolon with your if statement put a space between if and ( age < 13 )


Still nothing. I think there might be something wrong with my web or something I've tried so many options and have read over and over again about if / else commands


hmm well I don't know what to do sorry :pensive: again really sorry


It could be the browser you use. I found that Codecademy works best with Chrome.


The problem is with the crappy programming of Codecademy. The site just sucks and doesn't work. Whoever wrote this needs to learn how to program instead of trying to teach it