How is the letter colors determined?

How do you get the program to see the contents of the variable as single entities. I’m wondering how to paint each letter of the data stored in the variable with a different color.

That will come up in a later lesson, perhaps, assuming there is enough information already given. Because this is likely a very early lesson in the track, one might assume this won’t be the case and answering your question will only be jumping the queue. You will need to learn about data types and their associated methods first.

in 1st lesson i have coloured letters instead in 2nd lesson i have black letters.
the code is same
1st lesson

2nd lesson

The letter coloration is made using code that is hidden. To see it, you can open the folder icon and look at the various files present there. Although be careful as editing these can mess up the lesson. They are beyond the scope of these early introductory lessons and not something to worry too much about how to do yet. Further lessons will help make that easy to do!

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