How is Machine Learning different from Data Science?



How is the field of Machine Learning different from Data Science?


Machine Learning
Machine learning is a subset of Data Science, and is more of a specialized field. It is essentially the intersection of math and computer science, and focuses more on engineering and programming. Machine learning engineers typically need stronger programming skills than a data scientist because of the type of work that they do.

Machine learning is used to train computers to think and learn from data, without humans having to explicitly program everything. To do this, engineers will utilize the models and data that data scientists will come up with.

Data Science
Data science is a broad field that includes machine learning as a subset of it. It is the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and domain expertise. Data science has an emphasis on analysis and research of data. It does not require as much programming skills as machine learning, but instead, it usually requires stronger skills in areas such as mathematics and statistics.

Data science is used to obtain information from data. Using the data science process, data scientists will come up with models and data, used in many different areas including machine learning.