How is everybody doing


been stuck on this for a while feel kind of bad to have to keep posting questions i just don't know what i am doing wrong when i run code this error message pops up

Oops, try again. Did you remember to print the letter grade for the class's average?

i just can't figure this out

 ef get_class_average(students):
  results = []
  for students in students:
  return average(results)
print get_letter_grade(get_class_average)
students = alice, lloyd, tyler
print get_class_average([alice, lloyd, tyler])


Missing the d in ef get_class_average(students):.
Also check your indentation. It looks a little off.


I tried what you said but the same error still pops up I am very confused :confused: I am thankful for your help though


From the code you shared. Add d to ef get_class_average(students): so it's def get_class_average(students):.
Next, for every line below def get_class_average(students):, press the TAB key to make sure everything is lined up properly.


It looks like you forgot to pass an argument with this function call:
print get_letter_grade (get_class_average(students))

I'm just passing the list which you can do as well.

Also, in your for loop, you don't need to call get_average and then again on the next line. the third line does the job.


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