How I resolve this Error?

Hello! I’m trying to run the example of the SED fitter, but I’m stuck in one error and I don’t know how to resolve it, someone can tell what can a I do?

The code is the next

import os
import glob

from astropy import units as u

from sedfitter import (fit, plot, plot_params_1d, plot_params_2d,
                       write_parameters, write_parameter_ranges)
from sedfitter.extinction import Extinction

# Define path to models
model_dir = '/Volumes/Data/models/models_r06'

And the error says

It’s a path error (as it says). There’s no such file as '/Volumes/Data/models/models_r0.6.conf.

If the file exists, then you have to double check your path. If it doesn’t then you have to provide a file for it in that not to show an error (keeping in mind that no errors doesn’t mean the code necessarily does what we want).