How I Landed A Real-World Dev Job In 6 Months


Thanks! My portfolio is here.

Currently working on adding in a blog as well, but this is basically what I had up when I got hired. All the code is on github as well if you’re interested.


@tomraley It’s very cool I like your animations, and I actually learned something new when I saw you had google analytics. I might have to try that out! Happy coding!


Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. In one month I’ll finish my Web Developer Course at General Assembly and I’m a bit worried about finding a job. I live in London and I’m looking for a job opportunity in the industry. What’s your advice about the next steps that I should take?
Thank you very much.


Nice portfolio! I’m also feeling stuck at my current job and have been spending nights trying to learn. Your story gives me hope that it will be worth it. I’d love access to the code in github


You got this. If you’re feeling stuck enough, that’ll keep you motivated throughout your journey. Eyes on the prize as they say.

All the code for all my projects is up on my github: Happy to answer any questions, they are all still very much works in progress!


Great story, I have a similar situation: entry level job with no sense where my future is headed.

One day I hope to have a success story and land my dream job.