How I can make a social media bot?


Hi there everyone, basically I have been on this site for three years but just decided to make a new account, back then I learned how to code html/css and finished the course, but I forgot everything since I did not stick with it :
But I was wondering if any of you could help me make a social media bot, my aim is for youtube.
I was hoping to know which language to learn on codecademy, and if their course on that language is enough for me to
make the bot or if I need more learning, if so please link to where I can go.
Also information of how to actually do it, I see people posting on forum a tun nowwa days selling 1000 subscriber for 10 dollars! Like it must be quite easy if they are selling it for that cheap.

If anyone can help me on this subject then I would be very happy :smiley:
Thank you for reading my post.


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this is just a bump
this is just a bump
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