How I am creating a project about Codecademy

  • Just like everyone else, I constantly explore new things, wishing to finally find something that will let me earn enough to provide my family and enjoy it at the same time. After getting my bachelor’s, I haven’t gained a clear understanding of my mission. So I started my path, trying everything!

One day I met a very interesting guy who was a coder! He told me about his job and I got interested!

I was astonished to find out that to become an entry-level programmer it is enough to study in the Bootcamp. And that’s where I spotted Codecademy the first time. After going through several free programs on this platform, I gained not only knowledge but also a community!

This community made my heart melt! And I decided to express my feelings through some art. As I know a bit of 3D Motion I decided to create a short video that will show the energy of Codecademy.

Below are a few rough drafts of animations that I’ll create. Let me know if you’ve found the language that you’re currently studying!

In this video, I really want to show the different possibilities that are given by the code academy. Let me know if you found your programming language!


Wow looks great! I can’t wait to watch the video :+1:

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Really cool artwork. I did my language (Python)

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