How exactly do you synchronize a database with a dashboard?

From the lessons on Codecademy, I know how to store data in various formats such as JSON, csv, sql, etc. I also know how to manipulate those data with Pandas and I know how to visualize them. I know you can put up a website for free with Github Pages or Heroku (Learned about Heroku from Codecademy’s Learn Flask) which can contain visualizations.

What I don’t know is how to sync those visualizations to your database as the data is changed. How do you make a dashboard monitor changes in a data source? Where do you recommend storing a small dataset online? Is it possible to store data in files on Google Drive, and have a dashboard automatically update whenever any person updates the data files? If an organization has a SQL server accessible online 24/7, can a dashboard automatically update any time the SQL data is updated? Any additional tips? Do you have to write some code to make the dashboard check the data every few hours or something?

Also, can I experiment doing this on my local machine, where I have a data source file, and a running dashboard, and have the running dashboard automatically update once I save changes to the data file?

A community of gamers is planning a tournament, and I would love to be able to offer my services of setting up a dashboard that shows tournament standings as it progresses. Ideally, Id like to set it up so that the tournament organizers only need to update the data and automatically the dashboard will update as well.

Do you know Tableau Public and have an account? It’s free to download and you can edit data vizzes in the browser now (which I think is pretty cool) as well as editing them locally on your machine.

You can connect to a server–Google Sheets, Drive, web data collector, etc which will then automatically check and update your data visualizations (you can check for updates manually as well via a button on your viz’s page).

Tableau might work for the gaming tournament you mentioned.

I spotted this article which Im going to try out. It was really the whole “auto-update” thing which I felt was lacking from the Codecademy material. We learned how to make all these visuals in python, but nothing about how to make it real-time or deployable in production.

How to Create Auto-Updating Data Visualizations in Python with IEX Cloud, Matplotlib, and AWS (