How does this sporadic portfolio plan sound?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post my plan for learning and building my portfolio here. As the title suggests my learning style is a bit sporadic. I’ve been looking at jobs in my local city, and there are alot of “inexperienced ok” jobs, where you can get training. So I decided to build a portfolio. If it doesn’t work out at these jobs there is an intensive and pricy bootcamp I can try.

So far I know the syntax of Python/Ruby and am getting there in Javascript. In python I have made a few basic apps and used different module. In Ruby/python I haven’t really made anything of note yet apart from homework. Mostly interested in Backend, so a backend so after ALOT of deliberation I choose to do Node.js skill path over the React Skill path.

My learning plan is as follows:

  1. Javascript fundamentals - get cert. (nearly finished this already as part of the node.js skill path)
  2. SQL and SQL for node
  3. Ruby and Rails course - get cert and create a MVP(minimal viable product) website.
  4. Hackerrank python certificate. (should be easy enough)
  5. Finish Node.JS Backend app skill path. Get Cert plus have something in your portfolio to show.

At the same time I will be working on the following projects:
a. Python todo list app.(command line)
b. Python language learning quiz app. (currently runs in command line but would like to get this to display in some kind of GUI)
c. Reverso Game with minimax. (I will adapt minimax from a Xs and Os game taught by freecode camp)
d. Node.js backend app.(via code academy).
e. Simple website/webapp to display your projects. - Ruby is quickest way to do this!

Future plans - there are alot of jobs for Java in my city.(based in Japan, which may be a factor in all this) But I want to get these projects done first so that I can demonstrate my ability to learn to potential employers and show some understanding of the core concepts of programming.

If anyone has any feedback, I’d love to hear it!

Also, what it your learning plan? I think if we share our learning plans with each other we can be more motivated to keep at them.

This plan seems really good (when I started, I didn’t even have a plan), although don’t get too focused on “must do this, then that, then this, done!” Try to take as much time as is needed, to absorb as much of the information as you need. Also, do remember to take breaks!

Yes, there’s nothing to be scared of in it.

Thanks! (for the advice and support). The main objective of the plan is to take away the stress of deciding what to do everyday and focus on one thing at a time. Once I tie up some loose ends I can be a little more creative.

I will try to prioritize understanding the concepts above all else. Sometimes I need to approach the same problem from a different angle (reading the documentation, doing some code challenges, my own personal project, a video etc) and definitely sometimes need a break!


Hi Tomas,
nice to hear you have a plan. A great plan will make you start off (or continue) on the right foot.
Also Benjamin Franklin was used to say:

If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail!

So, my suggestion is to keep going, and be ready to accept changes to your plan, if needed.

Great quote! Yes, I also bear in mind the following:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

-Samuel Beckett