How does the server interpret information of text inputs, having no value attribute with them?

While reviewing HTML Forms, I noticed that the value attribute is not present for input elements with attributes like text, number, textarea, etc. We have read that in order to send information to the server, the name and value attribute must be present. Giving both the attributes will help pair up the information and make it understandable by the server. So what happens for input elements having text or number attributes with them ?

A lot is happening under the hood, the value attribute is only the default value. Once the user starts typing, the browser keeps track of the current value in the input field.

Okay, where will I learn about this ?

Having more experience in programming helps, it might help you understand some of the abstraction implemented in the browser.

I don’t think you will specifically learn it anywhere, but think about it, it make sense. Once you change the value of an input field, and you submit the form, it no longer has the value of the attribute. From which we can draw conclusions.