How does Python access the items in the list?


How does Python know what to access in “for student in students” loop if the “student” variable hasn’t been defined?

What is Codecademy checking for to be printed?
students = [blah, blahh, blahhh]
def function(list):
  for student in students: # will run loop for blah, then blahh, then blahhh and assign the neccesary variable

The for student is you clairifying a new variable to attach whatever
happens inside of the students list


student is a local variable (function scope) defined in the for loop. The loop is a readonly, lookup operation that goes through each item in the list, in turn. The order is not important.

students = [lloyd, alice, tyler]

for student in students:

student will be one object reference (dictionary) at a time, going through the entire list. These references are then passed to a function that can unpack the object attributes.


Left the part out that it stays within the function. Better said then I. :slight_smile:


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