How does 'linter' program work?


I am on question 17 where it has you correct the syntax, which is easy enough to do, but the exercise also mentions that there is a program called linter which checks our code, and puts a red x next to where its wrong.
i tried to test that by doing it wrong intentionally, and i didn't see any red x in my code, just an error on the console.

also, is 'linter' the thing that automatically changes the color of our code to green or purple for strings and functions?


No, linter is a program that looks at your code and tells if you are correct or not.

Here, read this: It's not a long article.


so javascript has the jshint linter installed in it?
does it just need to be programmed in once, or is it installed for every exercise in codecademy?

just curious for the future when i'm working on other things and I want to have a program that will check my code as i go


...To be honest, I have no idea. :smiley:


The linter is currently turned off in the JavaScript course. I don't have any further information about whether it will be turned on again.


that would explain why there are no little red x's appearing next to my numerous mistakes, right?

so since the linter is turned off, all we have to rely on is the feedback in red we get in the console, right?


Yes, you are right on both counts.