How does database.sqlite file get created?

I know this question is simplistic, but it was never spelled out.
I’m 95% sure that the database.sqlite file has to be manually created and isn’t generated through javascript code.
Am I right in this deduction?


What is the context (link to lesson)?

With flask for example you would have to code the specifications for creating it, whereas with django you get a db out of the box.

If you just wanted to create one from scratch you could run sqlite3 and do it that way.

The lesson is located at:

the lesson is to create a persistent API with Express and SQLite.
The lesson came with the database.squlite file already in the root directory.
We simply referenced the file using const db = new sqlite3.Database('./database.sqlite') declaration.

The format const x = new y(); looks like instantiation to me. I believe this line creates it. You can always try running it locally to see it being created as you run your code.